Gloryhole Swallow Bang

Gloryhole Swallow Bang

It was a moving entrance. It only showed that the location was a metal grill on the cement brick wall between the shop windows. There is no indication or sign of anything behind a secure doorway, and it is not the target of racist fools living in any society. I pushed the metal door open. The bell rang, and an electronic warning rang above my head somewhere. A small camera made a slight noise as I focused on me as I entered.

Behind the door was a narrow staircase leading to a dimly lit interior illuminated by a blue globe mounted on a wall just below the ceiling. I climbed the stairs and placed myself at the actual entrance to the sauna. This area is much brighter and has palms on either side of a window with shutters next to the main door that connects to the club itself. The red button next to the door glowed and invited me to press it. Hooray. Another bell rang across the window and soon opened, and a young Eurasian man appeared.

“Hello. Welcome to the 565. Have you ever come into this?” He asked.

“No” answered.

“Do you know what this place is and what’s going on here?” he continued. “This is a private club.”

“Yes, I know this is a men-only sauna.”

“The admission fee is $15, and it’s refunded upon exit. Admission is $5, and lockers are $4. You get towels, lockers, free lubricant and condoms.” I told you.

I paid, picked up towels, keys, lubricants, condoms and went through the door into the sauna.

They were located in the bar area with a large lounge on your right. A softcore gay porn movie is projected on the wall across the couch, and many men of various ages, shapes, and sizes are just talking about towels and watching their actions on the wall. I wore it.

The host, a big man in his 60s, took me to the locker area and explained the rules and layout. I thanked him and took a deep breath and started undressing. As I turned off my boots, I noticed an elderly skinny man leaning against the wall of a rocker in the back, inspecting me naked while stripping. His cock was upright and had a towel around his waist. It looked about 12 cm, but I trembled inward and continued undressing. When I got off to the G-string, I bent from my waist and showed the buttock and ball wholly exposed to the watcher. My cock was angry, clenched tightly on me and was restricted by the cock ring and ball stretcher I was wearing. I laid down and put the key around my ankle and became a little curled. The watcher tweeted something, adjusted the bulge, and moved through the maze entrance. I slipped my towel around my waist, locked my luggage in the locker, and then reached the park entrance. As the host told me, it led to a maze.

I stopped right inside the doorway, and the melancholy deprived me of a valuable vision. Then the sound reached my ears. Moans, gasps, moans, and people’s voices were hot, urgently chasing away the demands from their balls. An unmistakable sound that makes a rustling sound on the skin, the tempo increases according to the urgency of the desire of the participants, releasing a series of growls. The flood to the rubber that coated many hard cocks was invisible, even invisible.

When I put my hand on my shoulder, someone invisible in the dark pushed me away and returned to reality. I was amazingly aware that his erection was brushing past his ass, and that the sweaty skin of his chest was sliding on his back.

I carefully walked into the maze. As my eyes got used to the light, I saw a scene that I had never imagined, just pulling my cock. The guys were sucking everywhere and fucking. The cook pierced a hole in the wall, and the men swallowed them, even with gratitude, to the limit of the partition between them, yet hungry.

I saw many couplings and made gaps like the public bath virgin I was in. But it didn’t last long. I walked down a dark, long corridor, found a dead end, and suddenly left my grandfather when I was there. He didn’t say anything, but he pulled the towel open, revealing a hard but disappointing cock. I knelt and kissed his offering. It twitched, and he moaned softly. Somewhere behind the wall next to me, someone yelled past something deeply embedded in the throat. The older man in front of me grabbed my head, and pulled me into his groin. When I got excited and opened my mouth, a sweaty hard cock came into my mouth. It was brilliant, masculine and demanding, and I enjoyed my forced hobby very much. I licked, sucked and swallowed. He only lasted for a few minutes, filling his mouth with semen, and was agitated until it drooped down my chin and my chest and cock. When he let go of my head, and when I exhaled air, he pulled away and suddenly fell unsupported forward in my hand.

Suddenly there was another body in front of me with another hard cock. I heard an older man say,

“He’s not bad. Swallows.”

A hand grabbed the side of my head, then a big cock was in my mouth, and I was face fucked. He didn’t wait for me to lick or suck, so I pushed it deep into my throat, holding my head in my hands with my hands in and out, scratching my lips and making me happy. While this was happening, I was spying on someone approaching the hallway, and suddenly a second cock was pushed into my mouth. I almost came, I was gangster, or at least I was beginning to be gangsters. The first man, moaned, pulled back and ejaculated all over my face and hair. He shook the last drop on my face and hair and let a second man fuck me. He kept doing that for a few minutes before standing up and turning around.

I put my hand on the wall and pushed my ass out, offering him my most intimate hole. He doesn’t seem to care about beauty; he just brushed off my towel and plunged into me. I was moaning and the noise added to the other sounds I heard, and my cock twitched. Because he cried and said to me, “I’m a good boy.” He then hammered the cock into and out of my relaxed hole, retracting it entirely with each stroke and then plunging my twat into my ass. He just increased the pace until he jumped and out and passionately moans, and if I wasn’t so excited, I was dribbling a premium towards the wall The sound that the slack holes made when I sloped would blush me Hope he fucks me for hours. I was getting noisy, and this immediately captivated the man who was standing trying to see my sodomy.

The man inside me hurriedly sweated and said, “Fill my internal organs with thick juice.”

He pierced his intention and announced loudly. He did, then lifted me from the floor, pushing the energy of his last impulse into my intestines, pushing up the wall. I could feel him throbbing in my body and then his cum gushes out in my body. I noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom and that I would carry his luggage with me all night.

He pulled, and a lot of semen flowed down my thighs. Then someone was behind me.

“Do you take anyone?”

Nodded, “Please.” I begged, and when the walls of that dark corridor supported me, another rooster entered me. This cock was bigger, and I felt like I could open it. I groaned, and he cried, but without hesitation for a moment, he kept piercing me. I was ecstatic. I was gangbanged!

He lasted longer than the other two, but he soon came and filled my intestines with semen, pushing down my thighs when he was pulled, I gasped against the wall, sweated, and I Was hanging from a hard steel cock. Men cum from open ass. Nobody stepped behind me, so I turned around and found the hallway empty, so I went deep into the maze and heard a lot of action sounds.

I stopped by the shadow. It was in front of a group of men lined up at the ends of a little young man. One was fucking in his mouth and the other in his horse. Below him is a pool of milky semen that reflects dim light, the sound of which was a very sloppy, well-used hole. I was jealous.

A small man was stabbed back and forth between the two men, and the cock looked like a skewer, so I kept staring at his twitching cock slowly, and he was sliding back and forth. My heart raced, I only imagined such an annoyance when I hit a stone and hit my cock, now it’s real! Two men fucking began to punch his hole, then a man in the ass stiffened, pushing his 6-inch erections entirely and holding it there. When he emptied his ball, which was embedded as deeply as possible, he saw the cheeks of his butt twitch.

Targeting at stationery, the other guy became wild and slammed his throat open violently in front of his hips and immediately joined the sexual partner, so he ejaculated passionately and deeply at the young man who just moaned throughout the action. And it was just blurry.

They were both pulled at the same time, and the young man was wobbling trying to hang on the floor, but the next two were removed to the hips and ears and went in smoothly, shortly after he saw a male skewered look that he liked. Was being repeated. A lot of semen spilt from his ass and was added to the pool underneath him, almost letting me cum out.

They also clearly enjoyed it, louder than the last two, and began calling him filth of all kinds. This seemed to excite all three, who started to fuck with even more abandonment and noise than before.

I allowed the cock to bounce freely before shooting and moving the luggage anywhere. Even on the background of the maze of desire, those collective sounds were audible.
We continued exploring the dark corridors and found holes of glory, slings, bondage areas, mirror rooms and even bikes! I imagined that I would bend over my seat and be routinely raped by everyone passing by, but I kept my urge down and continued my search.

There were still some “soft” prons running in the main lounge, with about a dozen men sitting around the lint. In the maze, the two just pulled from the youth were drinking at the bar. As I walked past, he uttered his mouth and nodded at me. I was very nervous and smiled and continued my exploration. My erection poked my towel and went down the road.

One of the two distant doorways led to a video room, where two black guys were ejaculating on each other. The contrast between dark skin and juice makes it even more erotic. The other was the entrance to the “private room” area and the movie room.

I went quietly and watched a part of the movie from the door. A group of men around the pool took part in the sexual chain, each sucking and sucking, each sucking and sucking. At different stages of sexual involvement, small groups of men spread out along a stepped seat bench, from movies and other actions to those who were lying down and out of the shoulders of men at lower levels. It was. Served the ass with a huge thick cock.

The cocks involved were probably 10 inches long and 2½ inches in diameter. I looked envious because he looked almost inward and outward. There was clearly experience at the bottom, as he was looking at a screen where he barely noticed a monster sticking him, except for his cock stroke.

I felt my hand on the towel-covered butt, pushed it against it, and offered myself. My hands squeezed under my towel and squeezed my cheeks before my fingers slipped between my cheeks. I sat down to give him better access, and he added another after he pushed his finger in completely. I kept looking at the screen, and the monster cock as my new partner dropped his towel from the waist and dropped it on the floor, naked under the glow of the screen. A few men looked back as the man behind me pushed me into the room in front of everyone. He sat on one of the several chairs in the room and pulled me back to sit on my lap. As he guided me, I felt an appropriately sized erection in my sphincter and slipped into my intestine. I moaned quietly. A huge cock, a few meters away from my eyes, kept watching me coming and going.

A daisy-chain man started vaginal cum shot on the screen, and numerous orgasms were announced with moans, moans and thick white vaginal splashes.

The guy I was sitting on grabbed my waist and stabbed me entirely into his cock, and I knew how long it was. Maybe more than 8 inches instead of 10 inches! He used me as a masturbation tool to guide me up and down the cock with a stable rhythm. I liked it. As his passion grew with his cock, he bit my shoulders and neck and began muttering filth in my ears. When I fell, he began to trust me upwards, and we were immediately pumping up in a rhythm that another large amount of semen flooded my intestines.

My thighs began to burn; he started to take control, lifted me and put me back in his pierced cock. The thrill of being a masturbation tool for a stranger was so much that I didn’t even see that face, so I started firing semen across my thighs and the entire ball. He never stopped but continued to use me for another five minutes before moaning and sending another package into the rectum.

I was allowed to sit on his softened cock, myself still hard due to the cock ring and irritation. He eventually drove me out, but I knelt in front of him, clearing up the mess on his knees. It was more cum than I had ever eaten, but I ate it. I licked and sucked a large amount of semen that leaked out of my hole and left his awesome cock clean, pink and stretched long, but he pushed me away before swallowing further, so I stood up and left the room, remember to collect my towel.

The corridor in the private room area was prowling to a few men, but a chance encounter in the corridor.

I wasn’t interested in it, so I went to see it until I had to shower my thighs and take a shower.

The shower room was just an open space with four showerheads on the wall. I dipped into the water and dropped the soap. The reaction was great.

The man under the next stream of water pushed two soap fingers up into my ass. I drove back, and he immediately pushed in another. I stood up and pushed the holes along his fingers back into the base.

“Do you want more?” he asked. I just nod

He put his left hand on my shoulder, stabilizing himself and me. With his fingers pulled, I felt his five fingers coming in. When I felt his knuckles enter my familiar stretched anus, I heard moans and others listened to the same. The thrill of public fisting was too big, and I started to bang my cock more than I had for years. I couldn’t cum with previous semen, cockling or fists, but for 10 minutes I was another stranger washcloth.

He pulled it out with enough force to fill it with semen, but I could hardly feel his cock getting into the bare anus, so the thrill of being overloaded with another load was slightly lost.

When he made a vaginal cum, I settled down on the shower floor, laid there for about 15 minutes, then stood up, stood up and quivered towards the rocker.

My hole was pounding, and I was about to get home but persuaded me to get my hard cock into the maze again.

I went to the hole of glory and went to the central shaft with three holes. I was greedy and horny and needed it.

I closed the door and knelt on my towel and stared at each hole. All three cubicles had residents, but they were all occupied by other sluts, so I saw them until they got down and a new one came in.

He was an older man with a little cock, but it came from a hole, and I started sucking. I couldn’t even taste it until my face was pressed against the wall, my mouth widened, and his throat fired deep.

Then I noticed two more cocks from the other hole and when I pushed my butt against one hole and my face against the other, I started to enjoy the feeling of being skewered. The two men were too fast for me, but at least the Asian cock in my mouth was pulled out when he came, and I was able to wipe his cream off my face and taste it It was! The guy in my ass pumped it in and shot him as he did, unaware that he would like vaginal cum until he was pulled out and more semen flowed down my thighs.

Looking at the third hole and another cock, there was a very impressive stab, so I handjob it and licked it until I shot the entire face and hair. Someone opened the door, so I put them in and saw five or six older men waiting outside. “The gang is going to get fucked,” quivered through my heart.

The man who opened the door came up, stood up, pushed the cock through the hole in the wall, and pushed him into the ass and was fucked. Someone on the other side sucked my raging erection and pulled my ball. The man inside me banged until he tried to vaginalise, then pulled out and knelt me down and struck him on my face. The next person came in, pushed his cock into my mouth and pushed me back into the corner of the cubicle. There he pumped into my open throat and continuously talked about what I was filthy weird until he emptied his ball in my mouth. He let me hold it there and showed it on my tongue before I swallowed it all. I was handjobs the other two cocks, and when the next guy stepped into the cubicle, which hit his thigh, he was suddenly crossing the floor with lots of shots.

I licked him clean before he pressed my face into the centre hole and pushed my anal up. Two other cocks came in from the side hole, and I grabbed them eagerly and started masturbating. I was in Slut Heaven. Four cocks at a time! They broke my pinned holes until they climaxed, and others took their place. I don’t know how long I was there, how many strangers committed, sucked in or masturbated, but when it was left to slide on the floor, and no one else came in, I was tired. Coming to me, I was so confused that they just shook their heads and left.

She covered her whole body with semen and lay in a puddle of the size we saw earlier, under the young man who received it from both ends. That was it.

I knelt and sat on my fist. God entered it so easy! Then I crouched into an orgasm while licking the floor and walls cleanly.

It was very late, and when I came and pulled out of my horse, the place was empty. I showered and took off some of the cum before I got dressed and returned to the hotel.

The butt was pounding, and the ball hurt, the sphincter and lips were rough and swollen. I climbed to bed, slid a 10-inch vibrating dildo into my hole, then went into a tired sleep until I wake up to room service the next day. I didn’t know that a naked guy with a huge rubber cock was pushing his ass up, but the whispering and squeaking noises coming in and out of the lobby next week was how I was. Said he knew if it was found. I’m a dope that I added to my disgusting behaviour, but I enjoyed being a guy’s toy, and I realized I came back again and again. I always let anyone do what they want and usually get sledge lately. Many men have lifted me up.