NASDAQ FB: Interesting facts to know about

NASDAQ FB: Interesting facts to know about

Facebook is a social networking site. This was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his friends from Harvard. In earlier stages, this was only restricted to be used by the students of Harvard. This was launched in the year 2004. This company has headquarters situated in California. Some of the facts about NASDAQ:FB at have been discussed in this article.

Some of the interesting facts to know about Nasdaq Facebook

  1. Facebook Inc stock had gone public for $38 per share, giving it a valuation of net worth of $100 billion. This platform is expecting the revenue to grow more.
  2. The most used metric in Fb is the average revenue per user. This metric measures how nicely facebook converts the users into dollars and Facebook is getting better in doing this every year. Using the knowledge of everything the users have shared, Facebook is able to show ads to precisely the demographic marketers want to reach.
  3. Facebook went public in the year 2012. By 2016 end, Facebook had about 1.74 billion mobile users. The company’s mobile advertising revenue is nearly about for 84 percent of all the advertising revenue of the company.
  4. The user base for this platform is very huge.
  5. The competitive advantage of Facebook built is the network effect, which is extremely imposing and almost difficult to duplicate. The network effect is normally the business’s goods or services become more useful for the consumers as they are having a large user’s base.
  6. This business has incorporated virtual reality into practice. Starting from basketball games to any college classrooms, or the doctor’s visits, Facebook allowed people to do all these things virtually.
  7. In 2020, this company is planning to open the Whatsapp platform to its advertisers.  Since advertising is Facebook’s one of the major sources of revenue, bringing the ads to WhatsApp could be a huge boosting factor forNASDAQ:FB.

The facts the investors should know in this pandemic time

  1. By the ending week of April Facebook gained 13.6%, and was the company’s best week in the year 2020. Facebook closed that week at a price of $175. At this price, the investor can still buy the stock at a 22% discount.
  2.  During the COVID pandemic, the businesses have been cutting their marketing budgets. Therefore, the demand for Facebook’s advertising service has fallen and thus impacted Facebook. As the main source of revenue for Facebook is through advertisements.

In the year 2013, Facebook founded the in collaboration with some other technology companies to plan and help in building affordable Internet access for the developing and underdeveloped countries. You can find commission free trading app for stock trading at present. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.