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Another study released in 2011 in the American Journal of Public Health found that 43 percent – roughly half of all homes with guns and children also had one firearm that was unlocked. They claim that those who have guns in their homes are more likely to be hurt or killed by a shot whether fired by an angry spouse or children playing with a loaded gun. A gun within easy reach of someone could cause a heated argument to escalate into a fight or the possibility of a murder. The majority of rifles can easily be 3D-printed while the rest can be constructed from the parts you can find in hardware stores. Gang members can earn a lot of money by engaging in thefts or selling drugs.

Some scholars believe that these restrictions were imposed to force prostitutes to go to church, but others believe that it was to keep the parishioners in the church and out of brothels. New Mexico and Virginia are contemplating similar restrictions. Law enforcement officials are concerned about the possibility of extremists making use of 3D printers to make weapons that do not have metal components, which could enable them to sneak into places where guns are banned, including airports and government buildings. 3D-printed guns not only could be simple to create at home, and easy to hide from authorities rubratings com how, they could be cheaper than guns made in factories for arms and sold by dealers. In addition, Design News reported in 2019 about the creation of a scanner device that could detect concealed weapons regardless of their content.

If you can text before you write, you’re a Millennial. How, as Slate writer Ari Schneider reported in 2021, the technology has come far in a short amount of time, and now it’s possible to print semi-automatic rifles pistols that do not have serial numbers or registrations, thereby bypassing background checks. According to Schneider’s article, the plans for the 3D-printed gun have been seen more than 44,000 times on the initial website where they were uploaded. Presently, creating your own 3D gun is legal under Federal law, which allows the manufacturing of firearms without a license in the event that at least a portion of the components are made of metal, according to the February 2021 issue of The Trace, an online publication which focuses on gun issues.